A Start to Finish

20 years.. and for at least 8 of them I had a passion. Writing. It is still my passion and a burning one at that. I often wonder why then I have chosen the path most¬†traveled, as dear Robert Frost would compare my life’s work to. What I have chosen to pursue is in fact the road most often traveled upon. As I started my path I did see two paths but only one destination. It is incredibly easy to follow the steps of those who came before you as opposed to breaking fresh dirt. Well, who wants to disrupt the earths beautifully settled soul anyways? It takes someone with passion, ambition, but most of all courage to awaken the earths spirit by stepping on fresh soil. History tells us change is good. But history shows us how hard it is. It is hard to step onto the path and not know where you are going. People say the future lies ahead but in fact the future lies within the present for most individuals. They know what is to come (at least in a general sense). A student in medical school is bound to become a doctor. A student in law school is destined to become a lawyer. They may not know what types of jobs they will hold but they know they will always be practicing medicine or law. On the other hand, take an artist or a writer. This individual does not know if they will be employed. They do not know how “good” they are or how “prepared” they are. There is no standardized examination to measure their potential. This is the road with no destination, simply imagination. These individuals are those who chose to take the path less trodden upon. Not knowing is nothing and everything all at the same time. The light at the end of the tunnel draws those with a heavy heart. There is not supposed to be a light let along a tunnel. Why the struggle. The light at the end of the tunnel comes with the path most taken. I then wonder, is there even a dark tunnel along the other path? What does the world have in store for me. ¬†What does the earth’s soul want me to absorb. What does the dense, untouched soil hold within in. And what is at the end of my path.