Take A Walk With Me

Take a walk with me

A walk to somewhere unknown 

Somewhere that’s nowhere 

Nowhere is somewhere though 

To you it is nothing 

But to me it is everything 

Take a walk with me I say 

To discover greatness that isn’t so grand

To tread upon ground that has yet to be shaken 

Walk with me today 

To find better days 

Days in which we can dance to the beat of our heart 

Days where we can ignore the clock 

Take a walk with me 

Let’s explore beyond the unknown 

Because the unknown is now known

And nowhere is somewhere 




writing to you like this makes me feel like you’re still there. I feel you in my sleep and see you in everything I do. I have countless days where I think I see you around 3rd Ave but then I realize it’s impossible. Your looks haunt me. You are the most beautifully tragic thing that has ever happened to me and I thank the hands of fate that we know each other but I despise the cruelty of the world for keeping us apart

– late night spontaneous venting